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Encounters Asia is a team of enthusiastic and veteran travel connoisseurs focusing on creating exclusive journeys for the special you into the exotic lands of Asia.

We use our expertise in guiding you through the unknowns and make your vacation a lifelong memory of magical moments.

After understanding our client’s needs and wants, we carefully pick the best suited destinations and experiences, turning the dream into a beautiful reality.


Passion driven by commitment has driven Amit Sankhala to generate Upto $40,000 USD towards Snow Leopard Conservancy. Similarly, carrying the legacy of his grandfather Padmashree Kailash Sankhala, he has actively been involved with Tiger Trust India.

The Kumbh Mela

It is considered the greatest spiritual festival in the world, an event that has the reputation of being regarded as the most massive act of faith witnessed globally.

Tracking the grey ghost

Surrounded by the stillness, a dust of white has washed over the Himalayas, camouflaging all in sight hiding any traces of the elusive creature. You allow the calm and peace of the mountains to numb your excitement, while you keep the turmoil from brimming. Just the whisper of its name makes the heart stumble, watching for any movement. Patience is truly a virtue and a mandatory skill for this mystical land, for up here The Grey Ghost is The Almighty and you are now in its Kingdom.